Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Teen Tech Week!
Here's a survey you teens can fill out this week to tell me how you use technology and how you want to use it in the library. Teen Tech Week is an event held every year in libraries in March ( this week, it's March 8-14). Young adult librarians celebrate the use of technology in libraries, especially by teenagers. From downloading pictures from your camera to YouTube to promoting your own music on your MySpace page, you're using technology to make your life fun.

Speaking of MySpace, if you have your own MySpace/Facebook page, e-mail it to ( that's not a space in the e-mail, it's an underscore ya_rgpl)so I can post a link to it right on this blog! I'll judge the coolest site and the winner gets to be the first to play the new Guitar Hero: Metallica April 1!

The big events to celebrate Teen Tech Week are the Guitar Hero 3 tournament on Thursday March 12 ( celebrating gaming) and the Teen Movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ( celebrating movies and online music). I hope you participate in all these events and Happy Teen Tech Week!

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