Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day/Inauguration Day

How will you teens celebrate these historic days? Will you write a song like those cute kids who turned one of T.I.'s songs into a call to vote " You Can Vote However You Like?'' Will you help the elderly or tutor little kids? Read Barack Obama's excellent books, Dreams From My Father or Audacity of Hope? ( I'm a librarian, I recommend books for every occasion).

This is a historic time and teens are interested in politics like never before. Take that interest and put it into things you care about. If you care about having enough money for college, e-mail a Congressperson to vote to expand grants and scholarships. If you care about the environment, recycle and use public transportation. Blog about your concerns, too! I know that the Internet is a powerful tool and can be used to do a lot of great things. Stay informed by reading about the latest issues. Enjoy a day off or two, but also remember the brave Americans who led us to this day. Like President -elect Obama himself said, it's not presidents who changed America, it's everyday people like you and me. OK, enough lecturing from me, enjoy the next couple of days.

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